Augmented Reality Makes a Great E-Card

Over the holidays, we at HD Interactive were approached by Channel 10 in Tampa to create a New Years e-card using the Augmented Reality technology in which we specialize.  Though it was short notice, we took on the exciting project and laid out for them what would be doable in a very short timeframe.

Channel 10 has a great creative staff who were able to design and put together the video for the card, while we developed the code to make it work.  This e-card is an example of how a video can be used along with Augmented Reality to create an interactive card for users.  In the past, we’ve worked mostly with 3-D graphics that we create, but that can be time consuming and, sometimes, videos are what is appropriate for the project.  In this case, we recommended using video assets instead of 3-D graphics and animation because it made the timeline possible.

Channel 10 was encouraged by the success of the Augmented Reality card and intrigued by the technology.  We are planning to do more Augmented Reality projects with the station in the near future.

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