Gh0st Rat

When computer security specialist Gary Sheerin found out he was going to be a father, he was excited to introduce the new little one to the world of computers. After months of searching, he could not find a book that was both entertaining and educational. Gary decided to write his own novel, and the award-winning Peter’s Packets series was born.

The first two books in the series, Virus Games and Gh0st Rat, are fun for the whole family, bringing readers into the world of the Packets, creatures that only the main character, Peter, can see and understand. In each story, Peter and his Packet friends battle computer viruses to save the day.

When the first two books were complete, Gary approached us to help brand and market this great series in as many media as possible. He wanted to really connect with readers and offer them a multitude of ways to enjoy the characters and plots outside of the books. The first step we accomplished was a redesign of the brand, including a new website, book covers, a super fun game, and a cool new museum exhibit.

We were excited to work with Gary on creating a website that projected the look and feel of the books. Visit and you’ll see subtle Flash animations developed by our own creative genius, Todd, and hear unique sounds created in house that help add to the cinematic feeling of the site. We’re also proud to say that Todd did the awesome book cover designs as well.

To promote the books further, we’ve put a lot of time into optimizing the website for search engines and creating a Facebook page where readers can discuss and interact with each other.

With all the action going on in the books and the detailed graphics we made for the viruses, we knew a Gh0st Rat game would be a fun, interactive way for people to enjoy the series even more. In the last few days, we have started working on the iPad game, which will be free and entertaining.

If you’ve been to the MOSI in Tampa lately, you have may have seen the exhibit showcasing his first book, Virus Games and all its creepy virus characters. We at HD Interactive are looking forward to helping Gary revamp this exhibit, adding in new viruses and characters from Gh0st Rat. This exhibit is another fun way for people to get involved with the series and learn more about computers.

We’ve also taken advantage of QR technology to help promote the book, creating business cards with codes on them to be handed out to interested people. This code leads to Amazon, where the books can be purchased and enjoyed.

As Gary writes more novels, we will be expanding his website and working on more ways to entertain readers. To stay updated, become a friend of Gh0st Rat and the rest of the books on Facebook!

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