Box of Sox – Way More Fun Than Doing Laundry!

Box of Sox was the first iPhone game we ever developed, and it’s still one of my favorites! A few days ago, we released Box of Sox for the iPad, too, so now you can play it on the big screen.

The premise of the game is one we’re all familiar with: how is it possible that so many socks go into the laundry in pairs and come out alone? In Box of Sox, socks of all colors and styles burst out of the dryer and you have to match up the pairs before the floor is covered with socks. To move on to the next round, make a pair of socks that matches each of the five socks in the Challenge Row. Don’t forget to clean up the floor, though, and make as many matches as possible in order to keep from being buried in laundry.

The more matches you get, the better, and as levels are conquered, the game gets harder. But watch out! If the floor fills up with mismatched socks, you lose and have to start over.

This matching game is fun for me, but it’s also my four-year-old daughter’s favorite game to play. It’s really cool to watch her develop better hand-eye coordination and learn about patterns – all while she entertains herself.

To learn more about how to play, watch our YouTube Video below:


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