It’s Love at First Sight with the New Global Pick Up Artist App

Feeling a little tongue-tied? We can help. The second of our Say It 4 Me apps, Global Pick Up Artist, is the only one of its kind. We’re really excited about the potential for this app because it’s super entertaining and totally unique. Global Pick Up Artist is your traveling wingman, helping you impress the object of your desire in any of seven languages. Not only will it flatter those foreign lads and lassies, it also can be used as a great ice-breaker here in America. No matter when or where you use it, it’s great for a laugh!

The 25 hilarious lines are guaranteed to get you some attention as the Global Pick Up Artist speaks them for you. Just choose the language by spinning the dial and then browse through the phrase wheel until you find the perfect line.

We’re really excited to be the first to think of and build something like this.

You can download Global Pick Up Artist from the iTunes store now!

If you have a pick up line you’d like to see in the next version, post it in the comments below, or find us on Facebook!


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