Now Everyone Can Play Mr. Mixit!

Android Marketplace          Amazon Android Store                iTunes

Wow! We have some really exciting news: Mr. Mixit is now available in the Android Marketplace, Amazon Android Store, and on iTunes! So no matter what kind of device you have, you can enjoy helping our robot DJ fix his record labels while jamming out to our awesome, original songs.

We’ve been told that Mr. Mixit is the first app to be built using Adobe Flex and AIR that has been made available in all three of those stores!

Mr. Mixit has already become popular, earning the #1 spot on’s top 10 list. It also received 4 stars from  You can see their video review below or read the full review on their website.

We are continuing to work towards our New Year’s resolution making a variety of apps for all types of devices and marketplaces. Stay tuned!

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