Build a Word Pyramid with Pyramix!

Our latest game, Pyramix, was just approved and is now available for $.99 on iTunes! It is also available free with ads for Android! The game, named with a combination of pyramid and mix, is what it sounds like – a pyramid of mixed up letters and words. In keeping with the pyramid idea, the graphics of the game are reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

In Pyramix, players must un-jumble the letters to spell a six, five, four, and three letter word using only the letters available. A gold bar to the left of each space tells the user the word is, in fact, a word, while the numbers to the right tell the player how many words can be made with the letters still left in the jumble.

We created the game to give adults a fun brain puzzle to entertain them during those lapses in the day: waiting at the doctor’s office, in the airport, on a break at work, or between favorite TV shows.

Originally built for the iPad only, we’ve seen great demand for an iPhone version and have set to work adapting Pyramix for the iPhone. Look for it in the iTunes store soon! We are also working on making it available for the Blackberry Playbook and NOOK Color VERY soon.

We already have some healthy competition going between HDI employees and families. Trae has the best score so far.  Think you can beat him?  Let us know what your top score is in the comments or find us on Facebook!


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