Hiya! Battle Your Friends With Our New Game!

HD Interactive reached a new milestone today, one that I am extremely excited about!  Our 10th game, Kung Fu Battle Slots, was just approved in the iTunes app store and is also available for the Nook Color!

Our creative team has truly outdone themselves by crafting rich, authentic Kung Fu graphics and original music. Another unique feature is the two-player, head-to-head mode. There aren’t a lot of two-player one, device games, so we thought it might be fun to share gaming experiences with a friend. You’ll also like the one-player mode with A.I. features that get better/worse as the user does.

In KFBS, we meshed a slot machine game with the card game War, to create this fast-paced action/reflex game.  Players must attack, block and death-match opponents to win a seven round slot battle.  With the win comes bragging rights, and that’s always more fun when you can see the look on your opponent’s face.

To promote the game, we created two fun YouTube trailers.  Watch them now and tell us which is your favorite! Share the fun with your friends!


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