It’s App Madness!

Our new word game, Pyramix, is competing in a tournament over at!  We’ll take it round by round before we predict how deep Pyramix will go in the tournament. We haven’t scoped out all the competition yet, but we deserve to win round one. Check out our competition and PLEASE VOTE.

The tournament mimics the NCAA: In the beginning, there are 64 apps competing in groups.  Two apps are pitted against each other and, after the end of a week, the app with the most votes has won round one.  Then, winners “play” winners until the best app on the net is crowned!

In each round, the app that continues on is the app with the most votes. Please visit this link and help us win round one! You can vote once every 24 hours, so keep voting!  For the tournament, we will be offering Pyramix FOR FREE! So get it now, enjoy, and vote!

Thanks for your support! And don’t forget: Nook Color owners can also enjoy Pyramix! We’ve seen huge sales in the Nook app store, selling a few hundred copies of Pyramix per day for the first two weeks! We also have two more games – our best yet — about to be published to Nook and iPad. Stay tuned!

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