Neptune – Oracle of Letters, our 11th app and Most Challenging Game Yet!

Neptune Oracle of Letters iPad gameI’m pleased to share with you our 11th title, Neptune – Oracle of Letters. It’s fun, simple and addicting for word-game junkies, like me, but casual gamers will like it too. We used the dictionary engine from Pyramix, but added a whole new element of speed and excitement to the game by making it timed, to spell as many words as possible. That race against the clock leads to a fast-paced game with multiple strategies.

We also took the time to collect a huge range of stats (stored locally), that allows the user to make bigger words, score more points, and compare stats with fellow players.

I’m also very proud ofthe thoughtful work of our design team.  The eye-catching visuals and rich sub-aquatic sounds are very impressive and let you escape into the game.

Check out the trailer, featuring a scenic view of the St Petersburg waterfront:

Download today and let us know your thoughts!  We always appreciate your feedback.

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Eden ThompsonApril 20th, 2012 at 7:54 am

Hi, I just purchased Neptune from the app store on my Mac. Love it – Fantastic game. When I click to see how to play I just get the first screen which tells me how to make a word. I see it says swipe to continue, but nothing happens. This is maybe because it’s designed for the ipad? No matter, I just wanted to ask how to collect the bronze silver and gold levels. I get them by accident, but if i knew how to do it, i could strategize. Thanks, you look like a terrific company!

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