Scratch The Surface Available in Artbook Archive

Blue Lucy, a well-known St. Petersburg gallery, recently put together an interesting and diverse showing of 100 local artists. The gallery owners built 108 plain wood boxes measuring 15.5″ by 15.5″ and sold the boxes to any local artist wishing to participate in the show. There were no constricting perameters, no subject requests, no guidelines, as long as each artist used the box to create a piece of art.  If a piece sold, 100% of the sale price would go back to the artist.

The result was 100 completely different works by 100 unique artists. Some chose to paint on the wood, others drew, stenciled, sculpted, glued, and more.

Now, the hard work of these local masters is showcased in our new digital book, Scratch The Surface, available for $.99 in the free Artbook Archive app. Check it out, and be on the lookout for more Artbooks coming soon!

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