ROFL With Dance Video App

Dance Video App, a recent client project we have just finished, is one of the funniest apps we’ve seen.  And it’s one of only two apps like it in the app store!  With the app, users can add dancing characters like Santa, grandma, or a banana, to any video taken with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  The results are hilarious.

First, choose your dancing character.  The app comes with three free characters and more can be purchased cheaply.  Then, take a video of your friend, dog, whatever, and your dancer is added to the scene.  Laugh out loud as you share your masterpiece with friends.  Dance Video App is fun for all ages!

To create the app, dancing characters are placed on a green screen, then merged with any video you take.  This project is exciting to us because, not only is it fun, we can see the huge potential with viral media. We are already talking with the client about creating more apps using the same technology.

Dance Video App is available for free on iTunes.  And make sure to check out their Facebook page.

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