Make Your Photographs Pop

If you’re like us, you can appreciate a beautiful photograph (just check out Artbook Archive, an app we created to display awesome artwork). But appreciating and creating are two very different things. Whether you’re making memories with your family or capturing a funny moment, it’s hard to get that perfect shot, especially if you’re not a professional with professional equipment.  Luckily, our design guru, James, has a great Photoshop tip to help you!

“Adding some pow to your photos is a snap using levels in Photoshop. It’s great for correcting images that are a little too dark or washed out.

“First, open your photo in Photoshop and open levels by going to Images > Adjustments >Levels or just clicking command L. We’ll start by adjusting the triangular sliders below the Input Levels data. The black area of this graphic is image data representing the distribution of pixels in your image from dark to light (from left to right). Pull the black triangular slider to the left edge of the data represented and the white triangle to right edge of the data represented. Doing this will deepen the shadows in your image and brighten the highlights.


“Next, grab the central gray triangle and scoot it just a bit to the left to open up the midtones. This is a great method for adding punch to quick snapshots that might not be the best exposures. Enjoy!”

James recommends playing around with the Levels feature in Photoshop to create more dramatic photos.  Below is a before-and-after of a photo we did, and it came out great! Try it and let us know how your photos come out in the comments or share them on our Facebook page!


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